Come join us and help make Charmed! 2018 a conference to remember.  We can’t do it without you.

Charmed! is seeking volunteers.  To make the con a success, we will need help in several areas:

  • Class monitors/runners keep the classes running smoothly by keeping the presenters running on time, gathering headcounts, and doing general things relating to classes and rooms
  • Dungeon monitors help to promote safe play by keeping an eye on activity in the dungeon, and are people you can go to for help with any issues that come up during the play parties.  (Dungeon monitors need to be experienced in that role.)
  • Hospitality volunteers maintain the hospitality room so that it stays inviting
  • Set-up/Clean-up volunteers get the classrooms, dungeon, and vendor space set up and torn down as needed.  Many hands make light work here.
  • Security — We need people to check badges and politely redirect people who try to enter con space without one.
  • Registration — Help people get their badges and con materials when they arrive.  (Registration volunteers will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, which is kept on file by Black Rose.)
  • Demo bottom pool — Volunteer your brain for science!  Presenters who need a demo bottom may ask you to help out.  (All normal negotiation and consent rules apply — by volunteering for this, you are basically just saying you’re interested in negotiating to bottom for demos.)
  • General help — There’s a gazillion miscellaneous things that need to be done; if you’re up for the unpredictable, this job is for you.


Volunteer Benefits

  • Volunteers who offer 6 or more hours of their time will receive a discount code good for 50% off registration.
  • All volunteers are invited to the annual Black Rose Volunteer Appreciation Party

More perks will follow as we get them organized.

Apply now