Our programming goals for Charmed! 2018 are quality and depth.   You can expect to see some changes in this year’s schedule:

  1. Longer classes — Our standard class length is now an hour and a quarter (75 minutes).  With that additional time, presenters will be able to go into extra depth on their topics.
  2. More time between classes — Some of our attendees told us that they felt rushed with the short interval between classes in the past, and we listened.  We are allowing a full 15 minutes between classes, so you can get from one to the next and still have time to chat people up or use the restroom.  We are also starting classes later (10am) and finishing earlier (5:30pm), so you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy all the other aspects of being at a hypnosis con.
  3. Quality over Quantity — Obviously having longer classes with more time between them means there will be fewer classes overall.  As a result, we are going to have to make some hard choices about which classes we schedule.  There may only be one class on some topics, but when that happens we’ll make sure it’s a great class.  Your feedback from Charmed! 2017 will be an instrumental part of that process.

Of course, some things will not change.  We will still offer a mixture of nationally-known, local, and new presenters and as wide a variety of topics as we can.  And the traditional half-day of pure UnConference learning will absolutely continue.